London 2012 Goodie Bag: Underground Busker

An unexpected and impulsive inclusion in my Thoroughly Good Goodie Bag for the London Olympics is the busker on Euston Underground station who took up position on the final approach to the Northern Line platform early evening on Wednesday 7 March.

His well-chosen funky backing track overlayed with a sax line counterpoint made for a very relaxed feeling while us tired commuters waited for our trains home.

I only hope visitors to London this summer get to hear him play too.

Listen to him here.

London 2012 Goodie Bag: A Cup of Tea

cup of tea

There’s no debate about this. If you’re going to give visitors to London something of a welcoming treat – a reference to our culture – then a cup of tea is a no-brainer. Serving up a cup of tea in a goodie bag would be a little messy come the time to hand them out. So, I’m advocating a packet of tea bags (yes, tea bags), a teapot, a cup and saucer and a set of instructions.

I don’t claim to offer the ultimate set of directions for the perfect cup of tea. Instead, something instructional about how I like mine. If anything, it provides an excellent resource for anyone offers to make me a cup and asks me in future ‘How do you like it?’ Who knows, I might even use it when I’m staying in hotels abroad.