Thoroughly Good

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All shiny & new (ish)

Maybe it’s simply because the sun’s out and the garden is looking lovely, but the truth is I’m in an astonishingly good mood. Here’s why.

This isn’t a recent development, although the moment feels right now to document my shift in thinking. Once a blogger, always a blogger. This is in part down to the completion of creative writing course this week, one which has re-acquainted me with some basic skills.


It feels like I’ve neglected this blog just recently. Until yesterday when I posted this blog about Howard Goodall, I couldn’t remember the last time I’d dropped by the WordPress interface. In actual fact, it was when I wrote about Strictly’s Louis Smith. Clearly my attention on this blog has waned. Its not uppermost in…

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Why we could all do with digital lay-bys

A small break from things is what is required.

My ten reminders for a corporate blog post

I’ve been doing a lot of talking about corporate blogging just recently. Corporate blogging – talking passionately about the organisation one works for – need not be dull. It need not be uninteresting. It need not be regarded as one more thing on a list of things which needs to be done. Here’s a few…

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How television is a bit like blogging … maybe

Stephen Fry writes in the first volume of his autobiography: The thing about television is that you do it once and then forget about it, while some obsessed fans will watch programmes over and over again and end up knowing the scripts better than you ever did, even at the time of recording. I don’t…

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Note-taking, scribbles and revisions

Don’t underestimate the usefulness of note-taking, scribbles and doodles. Scribbles allow the mind descend into a fantasy filled euphoria. What-ifs quickly become possibilities. And as soon as there are a handful of possibilities there’s a framework. Sometimes all that’s needed is a loose framework to help see the wood from the trees. Note-taking forms part…

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Right then. Here’s the Deal.

If there’s one thing about I’m fairly certain won’t ever really change as I get older and that’s my sensitive side. A lot of the time it can be a really useful thing. But for a small amount of time it can be a real pain in the arse. Now would be one of those…

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Blogging: Write, write and write some more

Every now and again – usually when I’ve missed out on desperately rejurgitating something on this blog – I’m reminded of some of the fundamentals. They are the bite-size chunks those of us who need a stroke from time to time need in order to keep ploughing on. This latest bite-size chunk comes from Kristen…

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About this blog: All change

Smiles all around. I’ve had a bit of a wash and brush up. I’ve had a bit of a think too – a long one – and come up with a few ideas. As a result, things are changing on this blog. You may have noticed a few of the changes already. If you haven’t,…

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