BBC Proms 2016: How has the Proms deepened my appreciation of classical music over the past ten years?

At the start of this year’s BBC Proms season I set out some questions I wanted to ask myself. I’ve been blogging about the summer-long season for ten years now. 2016 felt like the right time to reflect on some of those questions and see what emerged as a result.

The questions I posed were: how has the Proms …

… deepened my appreciation of classical music?
… changed in the past ten years? How has my perception and understanding of it changed?
… changed me? What is my relationship with the Proms now? How do I identify with it?
I was originally going to include all the answers in one complete post. But, the responses turned out to be a little longer than planned. I figured I’d publish three separate posts between now and the end of this year’s season.

For each question, I’ve set out the main response in bold and expanded on the thought.

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