Eurovision: Bardo Picture Disc

Yet another thing to emerge from a recent trawl through the attic. This time a picture disk of 1982 UK Eurovision representatives Bardo and their brilliantly produced song One Step Further.


Bardo Picture Disc B Side

The single was brilliant. Overlook the cheesy promo video the BBC produced in the run up to the 1982 contest. Just listen to the multi-layered track. There’s love in that.

The live production for the contest was a little disappointing in comparison. Hey ho. And even if they did wallow in seventh place (they were favourites to win), they were a lovely pair. And remain so too.

I confess to recalling having a crush on singer Stephen Fischer back in 1982. Shock horror. I was barely 10 years old. I suspect we can count that as the ‘phase’ period.

Things are a little different now, it has to be said. Watch the pair’s reunion performance from 2010, and arrive at your own conclusion.



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