67/365 Filming in Kathmandu

In unfamiliar circumstances my heart can race. At those times I suspect it’s the lack of a plan which sends me a little awry. Once we’d got the week ahead mapped out I suddenly felt a little calmer and then eager to get cracking.

The first shoot was at a local care home for disabled children. I found it an emotionally challenging experience.

Bright eyes, wide smiles and an unequivocally welcoming atmosphere made it appear as though any disabilities the children had were to them incidental to their main priority, enjoying life.

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61/365 An Unexpected Delivery

I’ve bought some new equipment for my filming trip in Nepal next week. It arrived this morning. I was expecting it to arrive on Monday.

Up until the moment the man from Royal Mail tapped on the front door with my purchases, I was feeling quite anxious about the trip.

After I’d thanked him profusely, shut the front door and removed the camera stabiliser and tripod-mounted slider from the packaging I began to get a little excited. Never before has the prospect of being able to create smooth-moving hand-held shots filled me with quite so much joy.

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