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IMG_1712My name is Jon Jacob and I’ve been writing my Thoroughly Good Blog since July 2005.

I was introduced to blogging by my friend Clyde. Since then I’ve found it an addictive thing. It’s fuelled my love of writing, led to me exploring my fascination with Eurovision and reunited me with my love of the arts, and classical music in particular. In 2017 I’m returning to my blogging roots: combining the things I love in a daily journal.

Where the name came from

The name of the blog has its roots in a period of time when I worked with a lovely lady called Helen in the late nineties. She often jokingly described me as ‘Thoroughly Good’ as a way of helping me through the stresses and strains of the working day when things would sometimes get on top of me. When I was looking for a name for a web design company I was setting up in the years that followed, my memory of working with Helen sprung to mind. The rest is history.

My professional life

My freelance web design work helped secure a role as a webmaster supporting the BBC’s website back in July 2005.

Since then I’ve been a technical project manager on various BBC entertainment websites, a producer on the Eurovision website and also made multimedia content about the BBC Proms.

In recent years I’ve run an early version of BBC’s public-facing College of Journalism website and since late 2011 have edited the BBC’s corporate websiteblog and Twitter account. If you’d like further information on my professional work, please get in touch via the BBC or take a look at my Linked In profile.

Slice me in two and you’ll find ‘public service broadcaster’ tattooed on my insides, and yet some still regard the honesty in my thoughts and feelings as evidence of an underlying subversive nature. One man once called me a maverick. They are of course wrong, haven’t read anything I’ve written (or don’t have the time) and are judging me on hearsay. Tut tut. What would your mother say?

I am proud to work for the BBC, and will inevitably champion its work and its content. That said, this blog is independent of the organisation. It reflects my views and not the Corporation’s.

Any posts about the BBC’s output reflect my genuine interest. They are fair and balanced. They are not intended to criticise the organisation I work for. That would be me biting the hand that feeds me.

This blog complies with the BBC’s staff social media policy.

How to get in contact

You’ll also find me on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Audioboo. You can email me at thoroughlygood [at] gmail [dot] com.

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