Remembering Grenfell Tower

The unimaginable terror of being trapped in a burning tower block hangs low this week.

Displaced residents search in desperation for missing loved ones. The rest of us look on the high-rise tomb on Latimer Road – a now potent monument to inequality, and ineffective leadership. We ponder what part we played in permitting this state of affairs.

Music-making tradition often seeks to reflect on tragic moments in the performance of meaningful works – classical music’s way to remember.

But what works? And how to remember?

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Rosenblatt Recitals come to an end at Wigmore Hall

What the Rosenblatt series seemed to manage rather well was to take all of the snootiness out of proceedings, and make it perfectly acceptable to like a performance or a work, or not without worrying about what others would say or think about you.

To attract the kind of performing talent it did throughout it’s history was a considerable achievement. Not having that kind of patronage around seems a bit of a shame.

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