Reviewing Eurovision 2013 Semi-Final Two

What follows are some notes hastily scribbled down during the live broadcast, updated in almost real time. A sort-of live blog, but not really.

Inventive and entertaining opening sequence – this is about demonstrating good TV.
Scott darling, ssssh.

- Latvia. Intonation trouble in what sounds likes a primary school song.
- San Marino. More intonation trouble. Two modulations too many.
- FYR Macedonia. I’m sure it makes sense to someone.
Azerbaijan. He might be pretty, but he too has intonation trouble.
- Finland. Cute, catchy. A bit of fun. Nice.

Ana’s interview from Andreas from Lithuania. Uncomfortable viewing.

Malta. Gorgeous.
Bulgaria. Fuck me, this is annoying.
Iceland. Annoying hair. Worthy but dull.
Greece. A distinctive ska-sound not over-comedic. One I’d like to see qualify.

I’m certain that Mills and Ana are playing it straight this evening. Good.

- Israel. Beautiful melody very well performed.
- Armenia. OK. But not remarkable.
Hungary. Distinctive. Off the beaten track. Good stuff.
- Norway. I’m not a big fan of it, but it’s a qualifier.

Lys Assia. Eurovision royalty. Nice.

Albania. No.
Georgia. A bit dull but a qualifier. A crowd pleaser.
Switzerland. GCSE song writing.
Romania. It probably seemed like a good idea at the time.

Voting sequence insert from the BBC – pretty good. Nice to see something approaching an appreciation of what’s involved in songwriting.

Panel with Dr Eurovision and SBS lady pretty good too: relaxed; good humoured.

“When in doubt, go to Norway.”

Predicted qualifiers: Azerbaijan, Finland, Malta, Iceland, Israel, Armenia, Hungary, Norway, Georgia, Romania

Actual qualifiers: Azerbaijan, Finland, Malta, Georgia, Iceland, Hungary,Norway, Romania, Armenia, Greece



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