BBC Proms 2011: Last Night of the Proms [LIVE BLOG]


UPDATE Saturday 10 September 2011

The Live Blog for the 2011 Last Night of the BBC Proms starts at around about 9.45am – maybe a little bit later given that I’ve got a proven track record turning up to things a little late. Do drop by. It would be lovely to have you around.

If you’re on a mobile device use this link instead of reading the embedded version. It will be easier. No really. It will. 


Saturday 10 September is the date for the Last Night of the Proms for 2011. It’s the end of the season. One big celebration to mark the end of this year’s series of concerts.

And for me, it’s another ‘last’. An important one. An opportunity to draw five years to an end.

People who know me reasonably well know how tiresomely reflective I can be. How obsessed I am by chaptering and narrative arc. This year’s Last Night of the Proms is an opportunity for one of those chapters to come to an end.

This is the last time I’ll be doing anything Proms related. One last live blog. It feels like the right time to bow out. An excellent opportunity to draw a line in the sand and move on to some new challenges.

So – not just because it’s the Last Night of the 2011 Season – I’m hoping you’ll drop by my last Proms-related effort. It’s not a sad thing in any way. It’s really quite a lovely thing. I’m really rather excited. And I’d like it if you could share in that ‘last hurrah’.

During the day I’ll be attending the general rehearsal for the Royal Albert Hall gig. The live blog from that will kick off at 10.15am. If there’s time and I can twist the arm of the lovely Proms team I might get a chance to have a nose at the rehearsal in the Park although I’m told that under strictest orders I am not to photograph or record anything. Clearly something very interesting is going on there.

I’m also hoping to talk to a few special people during the day as well. I’m hoping it will be a hoot. If the weather’s good I might even get my special picnic rucksack out especially. Who knew a live blog of a picnic could actually work. Well, maybe it won’t. True to form, this live blog thingy retains it’s groundbreaking status.

Check back on this page for further updates nearer to the night.

One thought to “BBC Proms 2011: Last Night of the Proms [LIVE BLOG]”

  1. Sounds intriguing…

    I’ve come over here from the proms hashtag on twitter. I’m at the total opposite end of things to you; I’m going to my very first Proms event (the Hyde Park event) on Saturday, after a lifetime of watching it the Last Night on the telly and wishing I could be there.  Looking forward to it more than I can say.

    Hope that your ‘Last Last’ Night is enjoyable too.

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