Thoroughly Good

#Classical365: 28 – Spohr Nonet

Pretty and twee. Very disappointing.

Radio 3 Controller Alan Davey at the ABO Conference

New BBC Radio 3 Controller Alan Davey talks to the orchestras of the UK at the 2015 ABO Conference.

Like the rest of us, Simon hates overcrowded trains and overrunning engineering works.

What, Simon Rattle at the LSO? Really??

As the ABO Conference gets underway, there are murmurs (again) about Rattle at the LSO. Fingers crossed.

#Classical365: 26 – Well Tempered Clavier (I) Prelude & Fugue No.3 in C# Major

Feel ratty at the end of a long day in which I feel like I’ve been snarling at mostly everything. That may not have been how I’ve appears externally. In fact, for the most part, I’ve been my usual largely chipper save for those moments when I can let my guard down. Inside I’ve felt…

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#Classical365: 25 – Walton Symphony No.1

Walton 1 is (largely) loud, driving, intricate and dazzling. Not words which could be used to describe the workout it accompanied. Full of good intent, but the second circuit of exercises was way out of reach. A challenge for tomorrow.

#Classical365: 24 – Elgar Symphony No.1

Listening to Elgar 1 on the 50th anniversary of Winston Churchill’s death.

#Classical365: 23 – Mozart’s Piano Concerto No.24 in C Minor

Mozart’s 24th takes on a different significance today. Another layer pasted over the top of twenty years of other experiences that all cascade over the top of Mozart’s music. Such experiences enrichen the listening experience.

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