Eurovision Song Contest 2016

Eurovision comes from Sweden this year. Broadcasts are on your tellybox 10, 12 and 14 May.

What you can find on this page

Use this page to read daily updates on rehearsals in the final fortnight before the Grand Final, semi-final predictions, and song reviews. Don’t expect things to necessarily tow the party line. Personal views also feature.

Blog posts are linked to on this page, plus pictures taken during my visit to Stockholm. Whilst I’m there I’m also making stuff for ESCInsight too.

Eurovision 2016 – Rehearsals: Day Three

(left to right) Switzerland, Latvia, Israel, Lithuania’s Donny Montell backstage on stage, Australia.

Podcast: ESC Insight, ‘Letter from Stockholm’

The first in a series Thoroughly Good Podcasts made for ESC Insight. Preparations for a trip to the Song Contest should never be skipped over. Take your time to think about the journey. Expect obsessive tendencies and music from 1982 and 1996. Listen to episode one on ESC Insight.

Eurovision 2016 – Rehearsals: Day Two

Austria’s done OK. Estonia’s delivered what they promised. Cyprus looked a bit cheap. Malta came up trumps. A good day.

Eurovision 2016 – Rehearsals: Day One

The first day of rehearsals gets underway in Stockholm. Russia’s stage act is, as predicted, an eye-catching affair. Is it enough, or is it too much? Read a summary of the day..

Joe and Jake sing live on Radio 2


UK Eurovision hopefuls Joe and Jake joined Michael Ball on his BBC Radio 2 Show on Sunday 1 May. During their appearance they sang a live acoustic version of their song ‘You’re Not Alone’. Watch the video here. [Copyright: BBC]

Semi Final One Predictions – Tuesday 10 May 2016

Predicted qualifiers are highlighted blue. This panel will be updated at the end of each day as rehearsals are completed.

Country Summary
Finland Fast-moving; challenging vocals
Greece Surprisingly disappointing
Moldova Pleasing upbeat song
Hungary Voice is on the brink of collapse
Croatia Arena-pleaser; weak chorus
Netherlands Quality country number; bland
Armenia Underwhelming mid-tempo track
San Marino Creepy, but strangely compelling
Russia High-octane whirlwind
Czech Republic Good dramatic arena song
Cyprus Unusual for Eurovision; keep an eye
Austria Nauseatingly twee
Estonia Classy affair
Azerbaijan Mildly arresting chord progressions
Montenegro Trying to be something & failing
Iceland Forgettable
Bosnia & Herz Musically all over the place
Malta Quality stuff

Semi Final Two Predictions – Thursday 12 May 2016

Predicted qualifiers are highlighted blue. This panel will be updated at the end of each day as rehearsals are completed.

Country Summary Qualifier
Latvia Memorable hook; joyous & inclusive
Poland Unadventurous; too many key changes
Switzerland Tiresome filler trying to be Russian 2015
Israel Sweet heartfelt compelling slow-burner
Belarus Dumb
Serbia Amy Winehouse-esque; Good
Ireland Deceptively good upbeat number
Macedonia Slow Burner
Lithuania Pretty boy trying to be Bieber
Australia Classy; faultless
Slovenia Gorgeous; Taylor Swift-esque
Bulgaria Nice work, Bulgaria
Denmark Unrelenting and irrevocably bland
Ukraine Arresting, autobiographical, my favourite
Norway Weird dual styles make this annoying
Georgia Grungy, Brit-Poppy song with integrity
Albania Underwhelming
Belgium Foot-tapping crowd-pleaser

Final – Saturday 14 May 2016

Country Summary
France Great hook, but over-hyped
Germany Filler
Spain Classy floor-filling crowd-pleaser
Sweden Over-rated and over-hyped
UK Best song for years

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