Thoroughly Good


6 December 2014

No, we’re not weird. December 6th isn’t too early to put decorations up. Quit judging me.


5 December 2014

Christmas seems to be all about jollity. Then why is it that when I’m in a reasonably jolly environment in December, I feel like a middle-aged miserable arsehole who’d prefer to be at home?


Simple and highly effective

The London Symphony Orchestra’s advertisements in the Guardian Guide this weekend caught my eye. It’s a bold move which clearly communicates a simplified approach to introduce classical music to a different audience.

Most striking was the simplicity of the design. The LSO logo is instantly recognisable, underneath which is the venue, again clearly marked out. There’s no mention of a specific work in the advert, but instead a clear call to action for people interested in certain kinds of entertainment: on the left, family audiences; on the right, people who are looking for surprising entertainment. Underneath that, events are listed by date and composers described with one adjective.

17 Year Anniversary

Real life vs fiction

Writing fiction is difficult. At least I find it so. And the reason for that might be down to real life.


Tamesis Christmas

An old school-pal from 30 years ago has released a CD of Christmas music with the singers she directs, the Tamesis Chamber Choir.
I’ve listened and, inevitably, I’ve gone a little dewy-eyed.

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