It’s raining heavily in London today. Facebook in its infinite creative wisdom has informed me and the rest of the UK that it’s the first day of summer today. Some of us are seething at the injustice of it all. Heavy rain in June: that’s just our sodding luck, isn’t it?

Peering out from underneath my inadequate umbrella I can see that my right arm is sodden, and the briefcase hanging over my left shoulder has turned a darker brown. This isn’t such a problem. Not really. The extended downpour has a healing effect. The damp soaks into the clothes, through the skin and promises it will make its way all the way to the bones. And it needs to.

Sometimes, a good soaking is what we all need. I’d much prefer to put the over-used tea towels on a boil wash leaving the detergent to do its thing, than resort to a short intense machine wash. Take your time. Reflect. See what comes out of its own accord.

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