72/365 Kids in Kathmandu

The more time I’ve spent here in Kathmandu, the more I’ve recognised how there’s a basic humility in everyone, young or old. It’s a world away from my experience. It’s as though the human spirit is easier to find here.

I think things clicked for me after I’d visited a couple of schools and homes for disabled children. This week I’ve come into contact with somewhere in the region of 160 disabled children, and a variety of different conditions.

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61/365 An Unexpected Delivery

I’ve bought some new equipment for my filming trip in Nepal next week. It arrived this morning. I was expecting it to arrive on Monday.

Up until the moment the man from Royal Mail tapped on the front door with my purchases, I was feeling quite anxious about the trip.

After I’d thanked him profusely, shut the front door and removed the camera stabiliser and tripod-mounted slider from the packaging I began to get a little excited. Never before has the prospect of being able to create smooth-moving hand-held shots filled me with quite so much joy.

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