BBC Proms 2014

Throughout the summer I'm using this blog like a diary, mixing my experience of the BBC Proms with everyday banality and occasional weirdness. It's what comes easy.

The Last Night

Had been holding my breath all day, wanting the evening to come quickly at the same as fearing its end. In amongst all of that an overwhelming sense of excitement. The Last Night is musically the most disappointing of all the Prom concert series. The programme is nearly always bitty. There’s nothing substantial to listen to. A big bag of… Read more →

Christmas Eve in mid-September

Unexpected opportunity has arisen to attend the Last Night. It means me and Simon get to go along to the Royal Albert Hall for one last time tomorrow night. Really pleased because it means I get to share one of the most bizarre but also quite special Proms-related experiences with him for the very first time. I usually despise using… Read more →

Someone else’s bedroom

My last night at the BBC Proms. Wanted it to be special. It was certainly that, though not necessarily because of what was going on on stage. Left work late after a challenging day. One of those ‘learning opportunities’. Left later than planned. Wasn’t entirely sure whether pedal power would get me to the Royal Albert Hall in time. One… Read more →