Thoroughly Good


Papering the house

Is dishing out cut-price tickets and comps really such a bad thing? No.

Back In Time For Dinner

Watching / Listening [2]

Generation War, Back In Time For Dinner, Mendelssohn Octet, Walking Dead and Artsnight.

Culture Club: The Reunion


Been watching and listening some good stuff over the past few days including, Imitation Game, Huw Wheldon Lecture, Artsnight, Boy George & Media Show.

BBC Radio 2 Country Live Blog

From Thursday 5 to Sunday 8 March 2015 I edited the BBC Radio 2 Country live blog hosted on the BBC website. Links included in this post.


In praise of Joanna Spicer

It’s International Women’s Day. So I’m celebrating the moment by writing about the one woman who has had the most striking impact in my Eurovision research.


Sir Simon Rattle appointed Music Director of LSO

As a classical music lover, I’m really pleased this has happened. I’m convinced it will have a significant give the UK orchestral scene a shot in the arm in terms of PR which in turn will have positive impact on its profile in London and across the UK. That can only be a good thing.


New concert hall, new logo

The classical music cognoscenti has got itself terribly, terribly excited.

Brighton Festival 2015 Programme Released

Some personal classical music highlights from this year’s Brighton Festival programme, unveiled on Wednesday 18 February 2015.

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